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Team building escape room
Sustainable team outing

We plant a tree for every team that escapes!

Who already escaped from the Green Escape:

A sustainable and inspiring company outing

During the Green Escape you will be challenged to solve the Sustainable Development Goals. These are goals set by the UN to make the world a better place. Through escape room challenges, each team searches for the ultimate goal.

We plant a tree for every team that escapes, so you directly contribute to a better world. Will you take up the challenge and manage to escape for a better world?


The Green Escape is a sustainable team outing that is in line with corporate social responsibility. This CSR team outing inspires participants about (social) sustainability

Escape room for large groups

Escape from the Green Escape for a better world. The Green Escape is an escape room game for large groups. Play with 8 to 200 people in your own location. Inspire your business relations, your department, management or all your colleagues.

" We

We played the green escape twice, once with KLM and then again with SkyTeam because I thought it was such a success. It is a fun group activity that requires collaboration and creative puzzling. The nice thing is that it is focused on the SDGs, so it gives a nice flavor to the activity and the nice thing is that if you do it well you also help the planet a little.

inspiring ideas for a sustainable team outing

An interactive and personal experience

Our game is interactive, we use: WhatsApp, internet, QR codes, videos, photos, props, and each team receives a clue box. Our game master brings all the materials and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

You arrange the venue, we do the rest!

In summary:

  • team building at your own location

  • CSR team outing

  • team building game indoors

  • 90 minutes including explanation and award ceremony

  • can be played in Dutch or English

  • play with 8 to 200 people

  • personal game master present

  • from 25,- per person (euro)

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
During the Green Escape you will be challenged to work together, rack your brain and solve the Sustainable Development Goals The SDGs were drawn up by the UN. With these goals, we jointly want to achieve a sustainable world for everyone by 2030, in which no one is left out.


Are you up to the challenge?  

​Play along, be inspired and challenged. One thing is certain: the Green Escape is a team building activity that will be talked about for a long time.

best sustainable team outing
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