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10 Inspiring Ideas for a Sustainable Company Outing

Hello green team leaders and sustainable souls! Do you want to be more connected with your team and are you looking for creative ideas for a team outing that is socially responsible and provides connection for your team? In this blog I have given traditional company outings a good dose of social flair!

Here are 10 vibrant and sustainable team outings that will make your team shine:

1. Vegetable gardening and cooking workshop

Visit a local farm or an urban farm and help plant or harvest organic vegetables. Then take the fresh harvest to a cooking studio and learn together how to prepare delicious dishes with fresh and pure ingredients.

Responsible team outing in Amsterdam

2. Hackathon for Charities

Use your tech skills for a noble cause by participating in a charity hackathon. Work with local charities to find innovative solutions to societal challenges, from improving access to education to combating food waste.


3. Sustainable Treasure Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt through the city where your team must find sustainable treasures. For example, hide items made from recycled materials or local products and provide clues to find them. The team that collects the most sustainable treasures wins a prize!

Activities with colleagues

4. Cook for the Homeless

Turn your team outing into a heartwarming experience by cooking together for the homeless or less fortunate in your community. Nothing connects people more than enjoying a good meal together. A great example of an inspiring sustainable company outing.

Team activity

5. Adopt a Retirement Home

Bring some joy into the lives of the older generation by adopting a retirement home for a day. Organize games afternoons, craft workshops or take them on an outing to brighten up their day.

Team outing with a good cause

6. Plastic Fantastic Boot Camp

Commit to the fight against plastic pollution with a Plastic Fantastic Bootcamp! Fight against single-use plastic by cleaning up beaches, follow a zero plastic workshop where you create awareness about the importance of a plastic-free lifestyle. End the day with a trip on an electric boat and use your landing net to collect plastic waste from the water along the way. These are all practical ways to contribute to solving the global problem of plastic pollution and can have a positive impact on local ecosystems and communities.

Activity with colleagues cleaning up plastic waste

7. Culinary City Tour along Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Explore the culinary highlights of a city together during a responsible culinary tour. Walk past sustainable entrepreneurs and taste local delicacies with a sustainable or socially responsible story. Learn more about fair trade products while enjoying each other's company.

outing team

8. Zero Waste Workshop

Turn waste into art during an upcycling workshop. Collect old materials such as glass jars, newspapers or clothing and let your creativity run wild to make something new out of them. The result? Unique works of art and less waste! On to Zero Waste.

Activity for pile driving session

9. Volunteer in nature

Give back to Mother Nature by spending a day renovating a local park, pick up litter, plant a tree, roll up your sleeves in a nature reserve, your team will make a difference and leave a positive impact as they work together for a better world.

Organize a day off


10. Escape for a Better World and Play a Sustainable Escape Room

And of course we saved the best one for last 😀. Step into an imaginative world where sustainability and adventure go hand in hand. In a sustainable escape room, teams are challenged to work together, rack their brains and find solutions to escape for a better world. Every challenge brings you closer to freedom and a deeper understanding of sustainability. Want to know more about the Green Escape check:

So, there they are, 10 fun and sustainable team outings that make teams shine. Best of all, you'll not only have a great time, but you'll also leave a positive impact on the planet and society.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and make your next team outing an unforgettable experience full of meaningful moments and positive changes!


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