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“If You Think You Are Too Small To Make A Difference, Try Sleeping With A Mosquito.” Dalai Lama XIV

A better world

There is a part in all of us that dreams of a better world. We believe that inspiration about sustainability encourages people to take action so that they can leave the world a better place than it already is. We know that we create a spark of inspiration with the Green Escape. And we know from experience that the Green Escape works as a sustainable team outing, it inspires and this is the first step towards change.

the Green Escape - duurzaam bedrijfsuitje

319 trees
2521 players

Lisette Wegman | the Green Escape

Lisette Wegman & Team

The Green Escape has been played in real live since September 25, 2022. The founder and creator of the Green Escape is Lisette Wegman. Inspiring people about (social) sustainability is her mission. Social entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility is in her blood, because in 2012 she founded her own responsible and sustainable event agency Bureau WElle, which was distinctive and unique in the industry at the time. She was the owner of this successful agency for more than 10 years. With this experience and a team of game masters, she ensures that every performance of the Green Escape will be a success.

If you want to develop an escape room yourself, we have left tips for you in our blog.

Sustainable company outing the Green Escape
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