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the Green Escape

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How does it work?


Don't you also want to leave the world a little bit more beautiful? Then solve the Sustainable Development Goals in 60 minutes. We plant a tree for every team that succeeds. Which team will solve the SDGs the fastest and can call themselves the winner!

Sustainability team building activity
Team building escape room

Compete against each other in teams

In this escape room game you and your entire team compete against each other at the same time, in the same room, in teams of 6 to 8 people.


There is a game master present at your location who guides all the teams through the entire game and takes you on an adventure. Our game master brings all the materials and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

You arrange the venue, we do the rest!

moderator escaperoom voor grote groepen
the Green Escape - Lisette Wegman_edited
Lisette Wegman - the Green Escape
uitleg over escaperoom voor grote groepen
Socially Responsible Team Outing
Sustainable team outing the Green Escape
inspiring idea for a sustainable company outing

What can you expect?

After a short introduction and explanation, the countdown clock starts, supported by exciting music. Each team opens the clue box containing props, photos, print materials with escape room puzzles and QR codes. At the same time, the instructions arrive via WhatsApp and it is clear that there are also a number of props in the room that need to be used.

The teams get to work and as time ticks away, each team gets closer to the solutions of the Sustainable Development Goals. Which team deciphers all the solutions and finds the ultimate goal.


When the time is up, the award ceremony with the team ranking will follow; for whom do we plant a tree and which team goes home with the honor of winning and a receives a small present.

An interactive experience

Our game is interactive, we use: WhatsApp, internet, QR codes, videos, photos and props. In addition, each team receives a branded clue box.

the Green Escape escaperoom grote groepen
Escape room English companies

In summary:

  • at your own location, we will come to you!

  • team building game indoors

  • 90 minutes including explanation and prize giving

  • can be played in Dutch or English

  • 8 to 200 people play simultaneously

Who can play?

Sustainable team outing the Green Escape can be played by any organization that is looking for a CSR Team Outing. Various corporate companies, medium-sized businesses, municipalities, national governments, foundations, schools and social enterprises already played:

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