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the Green Escape

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Socially responsible team outing

A socially responsible team outing sounds fun, but where do you start? Discover the Green Escape and contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you organise a challenging team outing that is not only fun, but also has a socially responsible theme. This interactive game for groups of 8 to 200 people can be played at your own office, so no hassle with transport or parking. A game master will come to you with all the materials and let you compete against each other in teams. We plant a tree for every team that manage to escape.


the Green Escape

The Green Escape is an exciting escape game that focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By solving all kinds of challenging assignments you will get a little closer to escape. Use all your senses, make your brain work and join forces, only then will you crack this escape room. Collaboration is essential in the Green Escape, which is why this activity is very suitable for team building, management sessions, onboarding programs or introduction days.


Socially responsible team outing

The annual team outing takes on a completely different dimension when you give it a socially responsible theme. In addition to discovering and utilizing each other's qualities and working on the team spirit, during this team outing you will become aware of themes such as climate action, gender equality, good health and well-being and reducing inequality. By getting to know these and other topics while gaming, this team outing will be different from all the others and will be talked about for a long time.

CSR team outing

“The Green Escape not only fitted in very well with our ambition and attention to sustainability, but also created a lot of fanaticism and fun within the teams. Great to be able to let everyone experience this. It is received with great enthusiasm. Thanks for the good preparation and organization!” - Marcel -

5 reasons to organise a socially responsible team outing

In addition to awareness of one's own social responsibility, there are more reasons to organise a sustainable team outing. We mention the most important:

  1. strengthen commitment to sustainability;

  2. minimise your ecological footprint;

  3. stimulate collaboration and team spirit with a sustainable team building activity;

  4. education and awareness;

  5. inspiration for future initiatives.

Read more about this in our blog: Why sustainable team building activities are a powerful signal to your team

Duurzaam teamuitje

Book now from 25,- euro per person.

Got excited? Use the form to check our availability. You will immediately receive availability for your Socially Responsible team outing. For groups of 30 or more people we charge 25,- euro per person. A fixed rate of 750,- euro applies for groups of up to 30 people.

Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss the options with us? Send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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