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Need ideas for a team outing? No worries!

We have 3 inspiring staff outing ideas for you here.

Organizing a team outing is quite a difficult task. How do you find an activity that is suitable for the entire team, fits within the budget and is easy to organise? To help you get started, we have drawn up an overview of 3 team outing/staff outing ideas for you and provide some useful organizational tips & tricks. Read on quick.

Ideas for team outing / staff outing ideas

Going out for dinner together is of course great fun, but a bit boring. That's why we have 3 ideas for a team outing for you:


1. Book an escape room
You can find one in almost every city, an escape room. With your team you solve all kinds of riddles and try to escape from a locked room. In an escape room you have to work together and communicate. This activity is therefore not only fun, but also very suitable for team building.

Personeelsuitje ideeën

Ideas for a team outing


Escape rooms are usually suitable for a limited number of people. If you are looking for an activity for a large group, this option is often not suitable. But wait! We have good news for you. The Green Escape is an escape room for 8 to 200 people . And you also play it at your own location, so transport is not necessary. Sounds good? Please contact us directly for more information.

Sustainable team building

2. Get out into nature

Go green and go into nature. The natural environment helps reduce stress and has a relaxing effect. This will undoubtedly improve the atmosphere of your team outing. You can do a lot of fun things in nature. How about a waste-picking challenge, a nice walk with a guide, a GPS tour, a tour by bicycle or e-scooter or go to the climbing forest? There is plenty of choice !


3. Culinary City Tour, visit Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Explore the culinary highlights of a city together during a responsible culinary tour. Walk past sustainable entrepreneurs and taste local delicacies with a sustainable or socially responsible story. Learn more about fair trade products while enjoying each other's company ...

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Finally, some tips & tricks

Of course, a list of ideas for a team outing will give you some ideas. But if you want to be sure that your team outing or staff outing will be a success, read the following tips & tricks:


1. make a good plan and start well in advance

2. determine a goal in advance

3. think carefully about who the participants are. How many people are there in total and should you take into account limited availability or physical limitations?

4. set a budget. Also take unexpected costs into account.

5. evaluate. Ask participants for their experience and evaluate what went well and what can be improved.

​Need help?

Could you use some help organizing your team outing/staff outing? We are ready for you. If you book the Green Escape, you only have to arrange a room in your office or arrange the venue and invite the participants, we will take care of the rest. Do you have special wishes or ideas for your team outing? Share them with us, we will be happy to create a tailor-made interactive escape game for you.


Please contact us directly

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